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Horseshoe Shores was founded by Hank and Craig Troje about 31 years ago. When they first looked at it, it was owned by the bank because of repossession. It looked a little sketchy. They decided to buy that spring and the work began.

All the family would go up there every weekend and do some kind of work to get the resort running again. After it was up to code, the family began to run the business from their St. Paul home.

They ran the business from their home in St. Paul for about 10 years. They lived at the resort during the summer. As the years passed, they became busier.

After the 10th year, they decided they should make the resort their permanent residence, and renamed the resort Troje's Resort LLC. Craig and Debi Troje are now in their 31st year of the resort business.

Along with their son, Mike, and daughters, Lisa and Jodi, and now grandchildren, they work as a team at the resort year round to keep their customers satisfied.


We hope you get a chance to stop in and meet this wonderful family and experience a great vacation at Troje's Resort on Dead Lake.

The name has changed to Troje's Resort, the hospitality is the same.